An explanation, but certainly no excuse

In TFC on August 12, 2010 at 1:18 pm

Posted by Tim “feathers are ruffled” Harrison

As regular visitors to this blog will recall, Andy opined just three days ago about the absurd comments by Family First candidate Wendy Francis.

Well, Wendy has released a statement on her website to somewhat counter (in her opinion) the flood of complaints and negative publicity.

Before we all arrive at a warm fuzzy feeling, let’s pick a part just a few threads of what she said to reveal the mess beneath shall we?

  • I hold no personal animosity against homosexuals,she says.  Yes, some of my best friends are gay too Wendy.  And she might allegedly hold no “personal animosity”, but her party seems to feel otherwise.
  • “The way people choose to conduct their lives is up to them,” she says.  Ah yes, that’s right, sexual orientation is a choice isn’t it?  I challenge Wendy to nominate the date and time when she remembers making her choice to be heterosexual.
  • “I will defend the right of every Australian to live according to their personal beliefs as long as their choices do not infringe upon the rights and choices of other Australians or the nation as a whole,” she says.  Since when did love between two consenting adults become an “infringement” on the rights of the nation?  Last I checked, same-sex relationships were not only legal, they’re even recognised by the TAX OFFICE!!
  • “I do not believe that upholding marriage or preventing children being raised in homosexual families is discrimination,” she says.  Let’s see, the word is “discrimination”, which means to discriminate.  [Defined as: (v) discriminate, separate, single out (treat differently on the basis of sex or race)].  So, to single out “homosexual families” and “prevent children being raised is” … discrimination.  Sorry Wendy, that’s still discrimination.
  • “Few Australians would – if given the choice – choose to forgo being raised with a mother and a father,” she says.  Yes Wendy, as children, many of us would probably rather choose to stay in abusive homes, or with parents who fight, or drink or abuse drugs.  Yes, the mere presence of a mother and a father is all it takes to guarantee success.  So much for single parents who must surely be feeling real good about themselves right now.

I’m sorry Wendy, your explanation is poor and shows an obvious set of mis-truths and biases we should all see through.

Just as well you didn’t “apologise”…  I think there’s many who would have liked to tell you where that belongs.

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