And now the real news… Marriage for Cash

In TFC on August 16, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Posted by Tim Harrison

As regular readers of this blog will no doubt recall, we have had our feathers ruffled and our patience tested by what can only be described as ridiculous rantings by People Who Should Know Better.  (Note to Andy & self… I think this may have to become a new segment on the blog).

First, as Andy opined, Wendy Francis of Family First rightly deserved condemnation for her ridiculous comments aligning same-sex marriage to “child abuse.”

Then, I got ruffled when I read Wendy’s ‘explanation’ (not to be confused with an apology) of her “administrative error” leading to her ridiculous comments.

Just as I thought the holier than thou proponents of “marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others” were satiated, I found this absolutely flabbergasting piece of ‘policy’ from The Australian Family Association and National Marriage Coalition in celebration of August 13, National Marriage Day.

In a nutshell, the latest theory is heterosexual couples who have long enjoyed the lone legal right (in this country) to be married should now be paid if they stay together.

(Brace yourself)    GET REAL!!!!

This is surely one step too far in the absurd, archaic and unbalanced application of how this country recognises loving couples in relationships.  And this is not just a same-sex issue; only legally married couples would get this cash.  So same-sex couples and de facto couples wouldn’t be paid, as they aren’t Good Enough.

Policy on ‘family’ in this country is wallowing in the dark ages I fear.  If you’re an opposite sex couple, have children and are married in the eyes of The Law, then you can get something from the following grab bag:

  • Family Tax Benefit Part A
  • Family Tax Benefit Part B
  • Child Care Benefit
  • Child Care Rebate
  • Baby Bonus
  • Maternity Immunisation Allowance
  • Large Family Supplement
  • Multiple Birth Allowance
  • Rent Assistance
  • And, of course, the newly proposed “Marriage Bonus”

Clearly, the message here is that having children requires compensation paid for by the taxpayer.  If you’re single or have no kids, you can do your part too… just pay your taxes, and the government will take care of the rest.  Just don’t ask for any recognition in government policy; you are part of the ignored many.

Once upon a time, love between a married couple was the only bonus required to keep them together.  In the sad event things didn’t work out, they separated and possibly divorced.  Now, why not stay together and cash the cheque for a plasma television?  It’s much better for the children, isn’t it?

PS.  It’s somewhat fascinating to note that neither The Australian Family Association nor National Marriage Coalition have any publications on either website as at the time of posting to confirm this outlandish proposition.  Perhaps they’re weighing up public reaction through the press before making it official.

It’s also worth noting that the state president of The Australian Family Association, Tim Rebbechi, is Family First’s Wendy Francis’ colleague and candidate for Thomastown.  That said, TFC neither endorses or recommends any political party – we only (strongly) encourage you to make an informed decision based on how political policies will affect you and those you care about.

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