Man Bites Dog… or why this election is not news

In TFC on August 16, 2010 at 10:19 am

Posted by Tim “are we there yet” Harrison

Just when I thought this election “campaign” couldn’t get any more trivial, boring, dull, uneventful, tedious, dull, or wearisome.  Did I mention trivial..

Both sides of this election race (or slow stroll) have failed to excite any feelings to the point now that the actual ballot papers are making headlines.

Yes, there are over 100,000 pencils being sharpened by the AEC as we speak (true fact) in readiness for this coming weekend’s box-tick-athon BUT Mark “once-Labor-Leader-now-Journalist” Latham says people should hand in BLANK forms.

OK.  So there’s nothing wrong with voicing an opinion about how both sides of politics are quite dull (yes, they are) nor is there anything wrong with sharing one’s frustration with the lack of choice (supposedly).  BUT, Mr Latham, rules are rules.  Mis-using your privilege as a member of the press to openly instruct on ‘how to vote’ is not only wrong, it’s short-sighted.  It’s because people don’t care that governments, leaders and presidents (you know who I mean) no-one wants get elected.  The more banal it gets, the more we should all pay strict attention.

So Mr Latham, you had your time in the spotlight, now how about getting your head out of the camera frame and letting the Australian people see who they are voting for.  Because, quite frankly, if I had to submit a form with your redeeming journalistic qualities right now, I’d be handing in a blank form too…


Speaking of the election, the TFC will be taking a one week hiatus from the airwaves this weekend.  A panel of experts will take to the airwaves in our stead and navigate their way moving forward through the tally rooms to find the real action.  We’ll be back the following week to poke fun at whoever wins and play some darn fine tunes!


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