The Full Online Catastrophe. Vote 1, Vote Fabulous

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2010 at 3:28 pm

Posted by Andy “Do I Really Have To Vote For This Lot” Bell

Updated by Tim “Scroll Down for the Appendix” Harrison

With the wireless TFC taking a week off while the fate of the nation is decided, the powers that be at “TFC Trans-Global Enterprises Pty Ltd” (trading as Gordon Tomkinson’s Juggling Poodles) have decided that there should be something of an online presence. “Virtual Newsless” is in the hands of Tim and why not.  That will appear in time, for now luxuriate in a musical and visual escape tunnel.  A short but sweet escape route from affairs of state.

Let’s get cracking….

A Eurovision Song Contest winner from 1965 given new life by the current musical taste of the month Arcade Fire.  Manifique.

Now how about a reminder of a track that goes “way back”.  All the way to 2008 and it caught the mood of the moment for many of us.

Love songs vary greatly.  Take this one for example, some 1950s cool that still wobbles the world, even if it does end a little too early!

Attention Must Be Paid – “The Gypsy In My Soul”

This great song had a somewhat strange genesis. It was written in 1937 for, and I kid you not,  the 50th anniversary of the University of Pennsylvania’s Mask & Wig show.  Strange but true.  What was a “one off” by a couple of graduates became a standard.  Here are three versions: two starrring gay icons and one featuring a jazz legend.  Click, click and click!

And after all that soulfulness let’s get a bit silly. Very silly actually

Probably time for some 60s sophistication now. And Pet Clark was a sophisticated as anyone got in dem days.

And staying in that decade, our very own Seekers.

Glorious.  As is this, which wraps up this online TFC.  The show is back on air on August 28th.

Have a good week till next week.


And now from me, Tim “Newsless” Harrison.

While trawling around looking for election news, all I seemed to find was Scottish innovation.  Leave it to the Scots to find a way to tackle the problem of finite fossil fuels supplies..  I give you.. whisky-fuel.  Yes, cars powered by the hard stuff.  I think it’s a good idea, but a waste of the golden nectar.  If they could focus on using Bundy, then I’d give it a 10/10!

From the road to the air, and the Scots have found themselves at the whim of a vulture.  Yup, first air traffic was interrupted by the Iceland volcano (with the very unpronounceable name), now it’s vultures.  To make matters worse, the bird’s name is Gandalf.  If you’ve seen Lord of the Rings, you know that just when they think the vulture is gone, it will come back in a different coloured outfit and REALLY kick some aerodrome.

Time for my musical contribution.. and inspired by WTBHWT (What The Bloody Hell Was That!), here’s a musical pondering about shoes:

I voted today (you didn’t forget did you…?) and had the pleasure of a hot breakfast smorgasbord (read:BBQ) while in line.  There’s nothing like voting in rural Victoria.  No-one’s really in a rush, no-one whinges about the line and everyone’s happy to munch on their breakkie and chat.  As for the voting itself, I numbered all the boxes below the line for a change and actually made it to 60 without a mistake… I hope!.  Oh well, no matter who wins, at least in this country, our pollies aren’t this bad (we hope!):

Until next time, remember, as a wise pig once said, “Never eat more than you can lift.”


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