Thus spake the people

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2010 at 11:03 am

Posted by Andy “What A Prediction” Bell

There’s a lot of wringing of hands going on.  Lefty types bemoaning the dawn of new dark Abbott-led age.  Righties spitting chips about Green MPs and weird independents.

Take a deep, deep breath.

Where the political leadership and the fourth estate failed, the electorate didn’t.  There were all kinds of results all over the place.  “The people” refused to drink the campaign kool aid.  They thumbed their noses in many, many ways to many, many clever types.

A hung parliament will be fraught.   It will require sensible and visionary leadership to hold it together.

It can be done.  It is NOT scary.

It is also, and think on this brothers & sisters, a legislature where a private members bill on Civil Unions or same-sex marriage might very well get up.

Rejoice in democracy and lets see our leaders lead!


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