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Posted by Andy “Glass Half Full” Bell

This is my last sally forth (Sally Forth ? What a great drag name) on the election blogwise.  I am sure Tim and I will have something to say on Saturday night on the air.  If we don’t then there’s going to be a heck of a lot of dead air and far too many Pet Shop Boys tracks..

Anyhow.  The brouhaha post August 21 has some time to run.  Votes must be counted, preferences distributed and – heavens to Murgatroyd – those elected to parliament must to talk to each other.  And out of that will come something like democracy.

Savour this moment, because it doesn’t happen too often. 

The mob who will sit on the cross benches (which one of them will be Sally Forth ?) are a rag tag assortment.  Putting aside that they are all men for the moment, let us celebrate the diversity they do represent.  They include people who frighten the hell out of you, the nice reasonable person trying to sign you up for an overseas charity on a street corner and a couple of hard-headed, soft-hearted types. 

I love ’em.  They talk in complete sentences and as if they are actually listening to themselves. 

Yep, I love ’em.  And so do the media.  For the moment.

So while we revel in a spirited conversation about where we are as a nation and what we want from our parliament, I would like to pause to ensure that my reputation as a purveyor of occasional jeremiads* can be maintained.

Here we go.

I have a nasty feeling that the “threat” to the established order posed by a parliament that requires discussion and debate of every issue may be countered in a way that reflects our poorer selves.

I hope I am badly wrong, but I fancy that those who will thrash out what emerges from Saturday’s result will be scrutinised in a way that has nothing to do with getting a positive and acceptable outcome. 

It will, instead, be a pursuit of trivia  through the lives, careers and statements of those who sit outside the blue & red gangs of the major parties. 

If all goes as I fear it might, stand by for a headline about so-and-so’s marital infidelities or whatsisname’s “night of shame”.  Then there may be breathless revelations about taxpayer-funded junkets to Invercargill or questions about the bloke from that place in NSW’s marital status.

All important stuff.  Not. If it happens, it will be portrayed as a “matter of integrity” or suchlike.  Don’t believe it. 

UPDATE 25/8/2010: Well, I blogged just in time didn’t I ? Here’s what Melbourne’s Herald-Sun had on its front page this morning and this is what was inside the paper.  Good to know some of the biggest selling newspapers in this country are taking part in an open debate of values and beliefs rather than pursuing easy headlines.  Now back to the earlier blog …

Maintain the rage my friends.  Or rather, don’t take your eye off the ball.

I for one believe that the voters voted “1” for the Totally Pissed Off Party (known as the “We Never Use English As It Is Spoken Party” in Qld and northern Tasmania) and “2” for the “Media Has Got Not Adjectival Idea Party”.

So let us keep ALL the bastards honest.

Now I am back to collating my Yma Sumac  CDs.

(“Jeremiad:  a long literary work, usually in prose, but sometimes in poetry, in which the author bitterly laments the state of society and its morals in a serious tone of sustained invective, and always contains a prophechy of society’s imminent downfall.”)

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