Media watch or are they up to it ? UPDATE

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

For those who don’t want somewhat pithy commentary toggle down to the end of the blog for something quite splendid.

The people have spoken.

The politicians have decided.

Now it’s time for the third leg in the election trifecta.  My lot. 

As those of you who have scanned “All About Andy” will know, I earn my daily bread (fortnightly actually) as a journo.  Don’t hold it against me.

So as we enter a brave new political world in Australia it is perhaps time for a brave new reporting world too.  It might actually help. 

I have blogged before that I reckon the media contributed to the generally crappy standard of the campaign.  The formula of follow the leaders, confected outrage & faux-scandals is alluring, but is ultimately pretty boring. 

Public debate can no longer be reported as if it were Collingwood versus Essendon.  There are now more than two teams on the field.

And as for interviews where ideas and policies are put to the test, politicians should now be truly held to account and not allowed to ignore questions and slag off the “other lot”.  In fact, politicians should wake up to the fact that when they reply to questions about their own or their party’s behaviour by attacking other politicians and parties they are supremely non-fabulous. 

UPDATE Can we PLEASE avoid every disagreement becoming a crack, a split, a crisis etc etc.  This kind of reporting is just plain lazy.

In the couple of days since the government was decided upon there has been plenty of evidence that the meejah thinks nothing has changed and the body politic & national interest is best served by emphasising division or by being a smartarse. 

Every stripe of the media platoon is culpable here. 

Observe your socks guys and levitate them.

Or as blogged on Wednesday……

“So to me and my media mates the message is: grow up.

Stop defaulting to cynicism, start invoking scepticism.”

Crikey has more on this maddening issue.

Now to relieve the tension and make the spirits soar………..


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