Wacky Wednesday

In Uncategorized on September 15, 2010 at 11:55 am

Posted by Tim ‘Newsless’ Harrison

It’s Wednesday people… what does this mean I hear you say (really, I hear you right now…)  Well, it’s mid-week and some silliness is in order (as opposed to the frivolity and impudence of the other six days of the week…

First up (this is really cool if you’re a bit of a geek like me), the ‘Morning Glory’ clouds are back!  OK, so you’re saying “what the?’  Morning Glory clouds are a wee-erd phenomena sighted over the QLD coast around this time of year…  Here’s a link to the article on the ABC website that has a more eloquent explanation than I could produce…  Your’e back?  Cool huh!  It’s like a giant white draught excluder in the sky.

Morning Glory cloud over QLD

And now, from roly poly clouds, to plants with attention deficit disorder.  Yup, in true wacko style, “be my Facebook friend or else I’ll wilt” says a plant called “Meet Eater”.  Yes, befriend this plant and you’ll help water it and it’ll flourish.  Ignore it and herbicide can be added to your resume.  Apparently, the plant already 5000 fans.  Really?

Similarly digitally strange, two large companies are crying over split milk.  Digital iMilk that is.  Before anyone thinks I’ve completely lost it, I quote, “Chocolate maker Hershey’s wants a judge to let it keep on making virtual chocolate milk.”  Read the rest here.  So there’s basically a legal battle over who can “make” digital milk.  I quote Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous... “Are you mad???”

Around the office here, I’ve seen iPhones used as lightsabers, to make farting noises, to unzip a virtual zipper (yes, that’s for real), to show what the iPhone 4 looks like and basically act as a pretty desk ornament.  I’m yet to see one actually used for work…

And thus ends Wacky Wednesday, a segment so silly, it’s destined to be repeated annually on the 32nd of Augtember.

This week’s TFC will be a homage to…  a tribute to um… we pay attention to… OK, so I haven’t rummaged through the musical sock drawer – yet.  But, a-rummaging I will go and this week promises to be… well, you’ll just have to tune in won’t you?


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