The Full Preliminary Catastrophe – 18 September 2010

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Hosted ‘n’ posted by Tim “Showbags” Harrison

‘Twas a night of high expectations for many a footie fan.  But, alas, there can only be one and it wasn’t the TFC’s beloved Doggies.  Andy will be presenting a post-match elucidation of the sub-optimal outcome directly.  Nonetheless, we took a whack at the musical flummery, rummaged in a few showbags and even went down a chimney or two.  So, without further delay (it’s already the ‘morning after’), here’s the playlist for The Full Preliminary Catastrophe…


It’s a Game – Bay City Rollers

It’s Foolish, But it’s Fun – Deanna Durbin

The Winner Takes it All – Abba

If I Lose – The Stanley Brothers

Could it be Magic – Donna Summer

Fever – Little Willie John

Sam the Hot Dog Man – Lil Johnson

You’ve Made Me so very Happy – The Whispers

Stand by Your Man – Candi Staton


Attention Must Be Paid: Frente! Showcasing the vocal work of Angie Hart

Accidently Kelly Street

Bizarre Love Triangle

Something Stupid (Stoopid)


Black Coffee – Bobby Darin

Finally – Ce Ce Peniston

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Ma, I Miss Your Apple Pie – Sam Browne

Up the Ladder to the Roof – The Supremes.  Our tribute to the return of the British chimney sweep.  Chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny charoo!

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin

Master Blaster (Jammin’) – Stevie Wonder. 

Memories are Made of This – Dave King

The Biggest Aspidistra in the World – Gracie Fields

Say You, Say Me – Lionel Ritchie

Pull Up to the Bumper – Grace Jones

Grace... well hello!

Saturday Night at the Movies – The Drifters

Your Wildest Dreams – Moody Blues.  This week’s excursion back into the fab-you-luss world of the eighties.

Lili Marlene – Marlene Dietrich

Protect Your Mind (Braveheart) – DJ Sakin &Friends (feat. Janet Taylor)

Tonight’s Sports Results featured Majestic Fanfare, composed by Charles Williams all the way back in 1935.  It went through the chop-shop to become the ABC news theme we all know (and love).  First used by Parliamentary radio broadcasts, it became the ABC news theme on January 1st, 1952 (obviously on radio!).  For those who like to do extra homework, have a squizzy (listen) to the this remix (yes, a remix) of the majestic fanfare.  One Brisbane ABC radio presenter remarked recently he was walking down the road when he heard this ‘doof doof’.  Maybe it’s doof doof, but it is certainly pretty cool.

Next week will be the third annual installment of The Full Grand Final Catastrophe with Andy Bell.  Andy will play one track per team (no matter how obscure or weird) and even something for the men in white.  Rumour has it that a brass band will step in at half time so it’s surely an event not to be missed. Saturday 25 September from 9pm…

And lastly, as mentioned on the show, Joy 94.9 is auctioning off a Collingwood and Bulldogs jumper on ebay – yes, two jumpers kindly donated by the brass at each team.  If you’re interested in owning a part of football history and supporting Joy 94.9, here’s a link to the auctions (link only valid until Saturday 25 Sept when bidding closes).


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