The Full Catastrophe – 9th October 2010

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2010 at 9:55 pm

Hosted & Posted by Andy “A Bit Experimental” Bell

The footy is finished and the Spring Carnival has arrived.  Does Melbourne EVER have a quiet weekend ?

So TFC donned its smartest suit and pointiest shoes to mark the occasion.  And we got things started with help from Italian dudes of a coolness beyond the lettuce crisper


Ciuri, Ciuri – Roy Paci & Aretuska

One of Italy’s finest. 

Eep, Opp, Ork, Ah-ah – The Violent Femmes

Lampshade – Incinerator

It’s A  Sin To Tell A Lie – Patti Page

Shut Up – Misinterprotato

Spooky – Classics IV

Attention Must Be Paid – Some Like It Hot

The recent death of Tony Curtis means the world is now without all those who made this classic film one of the great comedies of all time.  So AMBP pays tribute to the stars of the movie.

Runnin’ Wild – Marilyn Monroe

The divine and one and only MM with a song from the movie and WHAT a song !

Getting Some Fun Out Of Life – Jack Lemmon

Lemmon was one half of the cross dressing musical pair on the run from the mob.  Away from the screen he was an accomplished pianist.

Welcome To The Night – John Lithgow & Brian D’Arcy James (Sweet Smell Of Success – Cast)

A song from the musical version of a film in which Tony Curtis produced one of his greatest performances. 

Sunshine After The Rain – Berri

Drown In That River – Jason Walker & The Last Drinks

Tap – The Ballad Of Little Mikey (Cast)

This track examines, how can one put this, the discovery of sex in public places.  An “unusual” song!

Tropicana – Funny Bones (Soundtrack)

Sid – Fascinating Aida

How Insensitive – Antonio Carlos Jobim & Sting

Comanche – The Revels

The track was featured in the movie Pulp Fiction, just after the immortal words “bring out the gimp” were uttered.

The One & Only You – Hunters & Collectors

Daddy – Monica & The Moochers

All This & Heaven Too – Frank Sinatra

Womanizer – Lily Allen

Pretty Women – Richard Muenz & Bryan Nease

Bellboy – The Who

Already Gone – Kelly Clarkson


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