So foul and fair a day have I not seen

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2010 at 7:30 am

Posted by Tim “Tank’s Full Again” Harrison

As we head into our weekend here in Victoria, we’re once again being advised by the Bureau of Meteorology that we’re in for a rollicking good time… if heavy rain, gale-force winds and the chance of snow is your thing.

And of course, with this funny wet stuff falling from above, I have no doubt that the news sites tomorrow around the place will have photos of people getting wet (holy dripping umbrellas Batman!!).  And of cars waist deep in puddles.  And of ladies in pretty hats and heels looking forlorn over the day at the races ruined, just ruined, by the weather.

But people… it’s always rained.  We always have wind whistling away.  And clouds and sunshine and all that other great stuff.  So why are we shocked when it RAINS??

Is it because we’ve been in a drought for the last decade?  I have seen whole families staring at reservoir spillways in Central Victoria spellbound at a sight not seen since last century.  One dam, now at 100.4% of capacity (don’t go there), was empty only 3 years ago.  I’ve seen my little town transformed into a wetland with a lake where a river used to be.

But really, it’s only water and it will go where it wants to and it will be back again no doubt.

So, tonight, we of the country areas will batten down the hatches and stoke up the fire.  With snow forecast down to 500 metres, that puts me right in the zone for an October snow man.

Who knows, with our continental friend La Nina paying a visit, maybe it will be a white Christmas… or not.


By the way (here comes the segue!), tomorrow night on Joy 94.9 we’ll be chatting with Senior Forecaster Stephen King from the Bureau of Meteorology.  So, if you have any weather qualms, he’s not the man to ask – he doesn’t make the weather you know…  But, if you have your isobars tangled in your high pressure ridges, then drop us a line on the night – from 9pm Melbourne time – listen at 94.9 on your FM wireless or live on the interwebby thing.


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