All hail the slude

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2010 at 11:14 am

Posted by Andy “Lexicological” Bell

Brothers & sisters you are at the birth of a word !

A word that, I hope, will travel far and wide.

A word that has long been needed.

With Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival up & running, the human landscape is again packed with a “certain” type of person.

You know to whom I am alluding to.

Having a big day at the races

They pack the racecourses, they put away the booze, they have a bit of a day and then vomit all the way home.

For quite a while the female version of these souls has been known by the unkind term “slapper”.

But what of the blokes ? 

Those citizens who stagger around the public enclosure in their grey suits and pointy shoes,  struggling to walk upright thanks to a combination of alcohol and the immense weight of product in their hair.

These noble fellows deserve their very own noun.

And I believe that I have come up with that noun.

It is “slude”. 

A “slude” is a “dude” to a “slapper”.

Harsh, but fair ?


  1. […] my joy even greater was the sight of so many sludes & slappers in their  finery at numerous tram stops awaiting their transport to […]

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