Treasure in unlikely places

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Posted by Tim “richer for the experience” Harrison

Here at TFC, we’re still chuckling after our weekend chat with Stephen King.  And to put the ‘which one’ question to bed once and for all….  the weather forecaster not the author.  To boot, I, for one, say the forecaster has the author beaten for being funny, a great sport and an Alright Bloke.  If you’d asked me if there was anyone at the Bureau of Meteorology that didn’t have a pocket protector in their short sleeve shirt, I would have been unsure.  But, sure enough there is (although he does sport the odd cardigan) and we’re all the richer for Stephen’s visit to our little studio.

So from the national resources of the Full Catastrophe media and odd sock emporium, we were proud to present Stephen with a shiny scratch-on-the-fridge sized Joy 94.9 sticker and the CD he brought that we forgot to give back on the night.

Stephen King (left) with Andy bell at the TFC award ceremony


Speaking of treasure, during Saturday’s show, I mentioned an album (you know, 12″ vinyl) I found in the most unlikely place.  There’s a big shop in Castlemaine that sells second-hand… everything.  Bakelite light switches, forks, plates, light globes and hub caps.  It’s all there.  But, it wasn’t ’til my second visit there that I spotted the record section.  Spying a Richard Clayderman album up on the wall, I suddenly recalled an album from my childhood (not Richard…).  Lo and behold, in among the Welsh Brass Bands (Andy’s STILL upset I didn’t buy any of that!), I found it!  It is an album released on the now defunct (I think) label ‘Polystar’ in 1979.  In almost new condition with barely a mark on the record, I found Impressions – Various Artists.

Impressions - 1979 and only on vinyl!

Now, the track listing would hardly rouse many of you to demand a re-pressing, but it (like Andy’s Songs in the Key of Life) is a collection of music that formed a little of who I am today.  They’re tracks that remind me of being a little kid and trips in my grandparents car (a mustard coloured Leyland Kimberly) listening to the Goons.  Maybe the memories are middle-of-the-road-not-by-the-original-artists stuff or even downright daggy, but they’re my memories, and I’m chuffed they’ve found a new lease on life and right where I least expected to find them.

So what have we learned?  Well, simple really: you never know where treasure of all sorts may be hidden so never stop looking.

Whether it’s weather or records of memories, all you have to do is look.

PS.  On Saturday,we learned that anything in the sky is classed as a ‘meteor’.  Clouds, rain, hail or dust.  So that’s why it’s the Bureau of Meteorology.  There.


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