Reasons to be cheerful

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2010 at 10:49 am

Posted by Andy “Custard Tart” Bell

For no specific reason other than it’s a very nice day, here are some reasons to be cheerful in Melbourne.

Spring weather

Clear blue skies, a nip in the air.  Perfect.

Footscray Town Hall

“A stunning example of the Inter-War Romanesque style.” I discovered it last night on my way to the nearby Station Hotel for a convivial dinner .  It’s a little gem and deserves our attention.

The hook turn

It’s confusing & counter intuitive, but it works –  then again, I don’t drive that much!  For those who don’t know, you turn right from the left hand lane at major intersections, leaving the right hand lane free for through traffic and the tracks clear for trams.


Whether South Melbourne or Victoria or wherever these places are the latest incarnations of a human activity that goes back to … well, to way back and beyond.  Nothing grounds me more than comparing one spud with another. 

Ferguson Plarre’s custard tarts

Simply perfect.

Chicken Parma

See Ferguson Parre’s custard tarts

The Channel 9 News backdrop

Where else is the background more interesting than the foreground. Giant seagulls, huge raindrops, beautiful sunsets, Martian flying saucers.


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