The Full Catastrophe – 30th October 2010

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Hosted & posted by Andy “Coming Up On The Outside” Bell

After a month or so of highly structured (for TFC) and themed shows – Grand Finals, Weather, James Bond – it’s back to basics for this weeks show which goes with the flow.  Or does it.  Is there a hidden theme ? Only you, the listener/web-user  know the answer to that less than important question!

And the phantom call of the 2010 TFC Picnic Rug is at the end…

…while here at the start is a link to me ranting about Melbourne trams in Welsh (translation available)


40 Day Dream – Ed Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Hold On I’m Coming – Sam & Dave

Strut – Sheena Easton

Let’s Get Back Again – The Sharp

That’s All Alright – Elvis Presley

Spring Is Here – Rosemary Clooney.

George’s auntie, George Clooney that is.  One of the great female singers of the “Great American Songbook

Attention Must Be Paid – Germany

Kockettier ‘Nicht Mit Mir  – Gotz Alsmann & Annett Louisan

Ein bißchen Frieden – Nicole

When The Special Girlfriend – Ute Lemper

The cabaret tradition of Germany is safe in the hands of Ute. She channels the feeling of Berlin in the Weimar Republic days pre-1933 when the Nazis came in and everything changed.

Swinging Safari – Bert Kaemphert

A 60s instrumental classic.  My mum liked this one!

Don’t Ever Change – The Crickets

Sensual Warrior – Loka Nunda

I Need A Man – Lee Adam Wilshier

Once In Love With Amy – Norman Wisdom

Albania’s favourite comedian and a huge star in the UK in the 1950s.  Sir Norman died earlier this month.  TFC couldn’t let theevent pass without marking it.

Good Time George – George Melly

Right Said Fred – Bernard Cribbins

Dream Catch Me – Newton Faulkner

One Leg Too Few – Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

Bad taste ? Yes.  Funny ? Absolutely.

Sugar Bee – Wayne Topac & Zydecajun

Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams – Preservation Hall Hot 4

Isaac – Madonna

100% Pure Love – Crystal Waters


And how the show started:

And they come round the bend and into straight in the 2010 TFC Insert Sponsors Name Picnic Rug….

And it’s “Cold Opening” just in front of “Inappropriate Tram Behaviour”

“Corporate Plan”, “Stating The Bleeding Obvious” and “Fetch Me Another Drink Or I’m Going To Strangle Someone With My Lanyard” are close behind.

And 200 out it’s now “Avoidable Wrong Fancy Dress Decision” making its run now  …  “Preferential Voting Mishap” is also challenging alongside “Where’s My Car Keys”.

And now from the rear of the field  comes “And What’s Your Name” with “Aren’t Those My Underpants” in his wake.

But it’s “Convoluted Cultural Reference” now hitting the front … ‘Half Remembered Disco Hit” is in second with “CD Repair Kit” and “You’d Better Leave Now As I think That Was the Front Door” also in contention.

They’re all in a line thundering towards the finish .. and it’s….

“Minogue’s Jumped The Shark”,  “Syncopated Leftover” and  “Discarded Long Player”  1, 2 and 3 !!


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