Pipe down Joe De Bruyn

In Uncategorized on November 19, 2010 at 8:27 am

Posted by Tim “Cranky Pants” Harrison

OK people, I’ll keep this one short and to the point (sometimes less is more).

One Mr Joe De Bruyn has gone on record “savaging” Julia Gillard for her willingness to discuss gay marriage with the Greens.

Notable words of wisdom include accusing Labor of being in “danger of misunderstanding what they should be doing in federal Parliament” and that Labor should get on “with the business of the real issues the ordinary person in the electorate cares about.”

He also said, “We all know that marriage is between a man and a woman not just because that is what the definition of the Marriage Act says but simply because this has been the way that it has been in the existence of the human race.”

Mr De Bruyn, you are on notice.

You are clearly out of touch with all notions of sense and reality.

Unless I am mistaken, any government’s role is to listen to fellow politicians and discuss social policy.  That could be termed “what they should be doing in federal Parliament.”  Or, in other words, democracy in action.

As for anything that is “the way that it has been in the existence of the human race,” that’s just lame.  Lots of things have changed over the history of the human race – to deny that is just plain stupid.

And, unless I myself am gravely in error, I am an “ordinary person in the electorate” and social equality is something I “care about.”  Last time I checked, sexual orientation, race, gender etc were not grounds for qualifying who is entitled to democratic process in Australia.

Our government should be charged with the responsibility of equality for all its constituents.

So, Mr De Bruyn, if you think your point of view is in touch with “ordinary people”, you are wrong.

Way wrong.



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