Worth giving a go #2

In Uncategorized on November 26, 2010 at 8:57 am

Posted by Andy “World Wide” Bell

A little tardy in this second helping of radio & tellybox goodies from all over the place.  The intention is to share the glories and some of the oddities of English language broadcasters so that we can all share the love AND the knowledge.

Let’s start with a remarkable program from Ireland.  The country is more than halfway to hell in a handbarrow with its economy on its knees. If you want to know how the people are feeling about that, watch an hour or so of RTE’s version of “Q & A“.  An amazing insight into a country on the brink.

For a quick study on how bad it is, this clip from another RTE show gives you a good idea.

Now for happier things.  The Kiwis have a wonderful archival source called “NZ On Screen.  One of its many wonders is this Christmas special from “Takatapui” the world’s first indigenous gay, lesbian and transgender series which appeared on Maori Television.

Did you know “Little Britain” started on radio ? Have a listen.

And let’s finish with a subject close to many hearts: the history of the bagpipes !  It’s thanks to BBC Radio 7, the program is available until November 30th. 

Economic collapse, Maori queers and kilts – the world is a wonderful place.


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