The Virtual Full Catastrophe 27th November 2010

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2010 at 10:43 am

The Victorian election hip and shouldered TFC this week.  The uncertainty of the political process replaced our weekly musical game of hopscotch.

We shall return.  Next week actually!

But you can’t keep obsessives down.  So here is a virtual TFC which pays particular attention to things electoral.

NB The Institute of Program Assessment decrees that this “show” does not count in TFC’s gruelling journey towards its 10,000th episode.


Elections and election broadcasts are comic meat & drink.  The pinnacle of piss taking was this from Monty Python.

Staying with Mony P and from their very early days, here’s something a bit more edgy.  The Nazis stand in a English by-election.

When you get to the real thing, the hyperbole and graphic overload is often a wonder to behold.  Here’s a selection.

Starting in Canada …. O Canada.

Wit is often in somewhat short supply on election nights, but some manage to get away with it.

Grumpiness doesn’t work nearly as well.

And finally, a real golden oldie.  Possible the first TV election night special.

Some elections are really a horse race.

And finally, when the election has been won the TV perils for a politican are far from over.


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