The Full “New Year” Catastrophe – 1st January 2011

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Hosted & Posted by Tim Harrison & Andy Bell

Dedicated to the memory Ralph Mclean


“This program lost a listener this week and we don’t like that at all. 

Ralph Mclean,  Channel 31 Yartz man about town, Fitzroy political legend & all round remarkable man died on Christmas Day. 

Tonight’s show is dedicated to Ralph…you can read all about him on the blog.

He heard all about my plans for TFC way before the first program. 

He followed the show’s early faltering steps and kept across its growth. 

Ralph listened. 

And what he had to say was always worth listening to.

 When TFC changed a bit last year  and moved from being a single hander into a de-facto radio coupling Ralph was there. 

He texted as I lumbered up Bourke Street minutes after one of the early joint efforts: “Tim’s good”.  

I knew that already, but hearing it from Ralph was the cherry on the cake. 

His mantra was an deceptively simple trifecta: “is it doable, is it fun, is it worthwhile?”. 

That informs this program to its core and I have Ralph to thank for that … and much, much more.


Funhouse – Pink

Hide U – Kosheen

Shoo-Fly Pie & Apple Pan Dowdy– Jo Stafford

A Dutch cooking song from Pennsylvania.  Yeah, I know!

I Call This Loving – The Impressions

Love Is In The Air – Larry Blyden & Susan Browning

The opening song that never was.  It was to have been featured at the start of Sondheim’s “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum“, but got replaced by this.

Precious – Depeche Mode

An amazing confluence with this week’s “What The Bloody Hell  Was That”.  Both Tim & Andy decided on silly versions of Lennon & McCartney classics.  Strange but very true, and a hoot and a half.

Help – Bananarama with La na nee nee noo noo

She Loves You – Peter Sellers

Bewitched – Peggy Lee

Where’s Summer B – Ben Folds Five

Wote Monte – J-P Matheley, J-P Peonon & J-Luc Guanel

Fab stuff from Martinique

Hot In The City – Billy Idol

Hello Mary Lou – Ricky Nelson

She Loves You – The Beatles

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Dean Martin

Returning A Gift – Bob Newhart

Drinka Little Poison – Soul Rebels Brass Band

Another ripper from the musical wonderland that is New Orleans.

Rock & Roll Creation – Spinal Tap

Melao de Cana – Celia Cruz

Der Wind Hat Mir Ein Lied Erzählt – Nina Hagen

It means the wind has told me a song.  Nina is often referred to as the “mother of punk”.

T.S.O.P – The Three Degrees

You Promised Me – In-Grid

AND leaving you wanting even less, here’s the link to the crappy gifts website.


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