The Full “Carnival” Catastrophe 15th January 2011

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Hosted & Posted by Andy Bell & Tim Harrison

  The CarnivalWhereas the man who hits
the gong dis-
proves it, in all its
simplicity –Even so the attempt
makes for triumph, in
another man.Likewise in love I
am not foolish or in-
competent. My method is not atenderness, but hope
defined.Robert Creeley


Baguee – Paris Combo

Mama Said – The Shirelles

My Heart Belongs To Daddy – Mary Martin

Dè a-nis? – Atomgevitter

The first of two punk tracks, the first in Gaelic, the second from a couple of homosexuals! This show is never dull!

Bill & Ted’s Homosexual Adventure – Pansion Division

Birth Of The Blues – David Campbell

David Campbell’s big break came in Alex Harding’s “Only Heaven Knows” – and here’s the CD cover!

Crawlin’ King Snake – Etta James

Etta is one of the Blues and R&B greats.  She’s doing it tough at the moment.  If you missed the show and do only one thing…click on this clip.

What Am I Going To Do About You -Ronnie Barker

A song from the BBC Radio series “Lines From My Grandfather’s Forehead

I’m Going Bananas – Madonna

I’ll Never Find Another You – The Seekers

She Came To Me Again – Billy Bragg

No Strings – Fred Astaire

The lyrics are glorious:

No strings and no connections
No ties to my affections
I’m fancy free and free for anything fancy

No dates that can’t be broken
No words that can’t be spoken
Especially when I am feeling romancy

Like a robin upon a tree
Like a sailor that goes to sea
Like an unwritten melody
I’m free, that’s me

They Call It Chicago Part 1 – Twinset

Mr Cellophane – Barney Martin

Moses – Gene Kelly & Donald O’Connor

Trinidad Lady – Sandra Lawrence

How Can We Be Lovers – Michael Bolton

First & Second Law – Flanders & Swann

This Is How The Heart Breaks – Rob Thomas

Love Really Hurts Without You – Billy Ocean

Keep Tryin’ – Mildred Clark


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