Give It A Go #10

In Uncategorized on January 27, 2011 at 10:49 am

Posted by Andy “Entertain, Inform & Educate” Bell

To the last smorgasbord of public broadcasting offerings from around the world … for the time being at least.

Hopefully these links have whetted some appetites and opened up some new vistas.

The state of Irish politics is as robust as Irish economics is catastrophic.  This show from RTE comes at the end of a week where the Prime Minister (Taoiseach) quit, a coalition government collapsed and the whole country was champing at the bit for an election.  “The Week In Politics” not only has the most extraordinary opening titles, it also has real talk.  No moving forward here.

NPR is 40 years old and still observing the USA and the world in a quizzical manner.  Here from the network’s longest running show, All Things Considered, is a report on a YouTube sensation.

Radio New Zealand keeps on keeping on despite attempts by governments of every stripe to slowly choke it through budget freezes or inadequate budget increase.

Have a gander at what’s on offer in “Chris Laidlaw’s Sunday Morning“.  Laidlaw is a former All Black, a Labour politician and a diplomat.  He is also a fine interviewer.  This a program to sip coffee and munch croissants by! 

BBC Radio 4 is the mainstay of UK radio.  It is immensely influential and attracts audiences in the many millions.  From a plethora of plays, to news & current affairs to comedy to intelligent features it is a sterling example of what public broadcasting can and should do.

“Give It A Go” signs off with a documentary about the history of social networking.

Give this and all the rest a go !!

Good listening.


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