Moving forward… with real action: eTFC is born

In Uncategorized on February 14, 2011 at 8:40 pm

Started, maintained and occasionally dusted by Tim “Foreign Correspondent” Harrison

Welcome aboard eTFC.  A new page has been born – up in the top of the blog, “eTFC” has quietly snuggled up next to the other assorted goodies.

As we (Andy and I) are fond of saying, WTBHWT?  Or is this case, What The Bloody Hell Is This?  eTFC is… well, oh boy.  We have trouble categorising TFC so I’ve got two-tenths of a dandelion fluff chance of getting a decent description of eTFC right.  eTFC is the logical extension of the radio-based tomfoolery that rattles radiolas the world over on Joy 94.9 at 9pm Melbourne time each and every Saturday.

Now that I am no longer able to be in the studio on Saturdees, eTFC is the expansion of TFC further into the digital realm. I will, of course, be around and about on air when I can for extra-special double-your-fun goodness.  Just as soon as I figure out how to get the boots off my pet duck.

eTFC is also a chance for me to stand on my soapbox and have a good prattle should the need arise.  And it’s a chance to tell the world stories about people I know, things I’ve seen and music I love/abhor/am perplexed by.

So, stay tuned to the blog as TFC grows, evolves, completes the first rinse cycle and generally becomes more fabulous* awesome.

Before I flick the eTFC switch to ON, I have to mention the fabulous, darn it that’s banned, grouse, no that’s not good, awesome, no used that already, bestest ever… yes, that’ll do, bestest ever radio host/all-round good bloke, one Andy Bell.  Without him, I wouldn’t be blogging now and I wouldn’t be the richer (read, massively intellectually wealthy) for having shared the airwaves with him.  From my first nervous adventure in community radio, Andy was, is, and no doubt will be a mentor, guide and friend for the ages.

So, let the record show: Andy, you’re the best!

*The word f###lous is banned on TFC according to sub-paragraph 16a, section 4 of the TFC constitution.  Along with Celine Dion, Michael Bolton and, more recently, David Hasselhoff.


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