A belated farewell to a music great

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2011 at 10:13 am

Posted by Tim “Foreign Correspondent” Harrison

Now it’s not unusual for me to forget the odd thing here or there, but I have been remiss in forgetting to salute Gary Moore who passed away on February 6.

What makes this post somewhat odd is I am still in awe of Moore’s extraordinary musical talent…. but I only know one of his songs.

Yup, Gary Moore of  Thin Lizzy no doubt has made many fine records.

But I only know one of his songs.  And a doozie of a track it is…

The wailing guitar and Moore’s pained vocals have stayed etched into my memory since the first time I heard the track Still Got the Blues (For You) all of two decades ago now.  Any time as a younger bloke (ah, so long ago…), the soaring sounds of the guitar in this piece rang true as a soundtrack for my life during some difficult times.

One could argue that it isn’t right to admire an artist because of one song.

I say otherwise…  If an artist can capture your attention and leave you with an extraordinary song that is part of the soundtrack of your life with just one track, that’s the sign of a truly gifted artist indeed.

Vale Gary Moore.


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