In Uncategorized on February 21, 2011 at 10:31 am

Posted by Andy “Keeping Hope Alive” Bell

I had intended to blog in a philosophical fashion about our almost indecent haste in wishing to dispose of tried and tested technologies in the rush to embrace the latest upgrade, update, up-itself new “thing”.

That can wait, because a friend has just brought my attention to this.

Barry O is having a bit of a time trying to survive the bear-pit of Washington, but whatever else he has or hasn’t done he has brought gays and lesbians into the national conversation in the United States.

Sure there is a helluva long way to go, BUT he is on that road and trying to bring the US along with him.

How long will we wait for our leaders (italics deliberate) to get on board ?

Probably when the focus groups tell them to.

Or perhaps when we and our friends and families give them the “irrits” by pressuring them about it.

OMG.  Democracy in action.

How about it ?

And while you are cogitating.


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