She’ll be apples

In Uncategorized on February 26, 2011 at 9:55 am

Posted by Andy “Tassie” Bell

Greetings from the Apple Isle, Hobart to be precise.

A couple of days in Taswegia is better than a long lie down.

Have been to the Launceston Cup (of which more on TFC @ 2100 AEDST tonight), had a couple of good old-fashioned counter meals surrounded by men wearing flanno shirts AND quaffed some fine local Pinot Noir.

Now that’s a good time in anybody’s book.

The place is a wonder all the time and a bit of a frustration some of the time.

The former is a given, but the latter is all about poor road signs, over-supply of pillows at Bed & Breakfast establishments & the late arrival of penguins.

Nothing that can’t be covered in an “Andy Bell’s Cranky As Hell” segment.

Fear not my Catastrophe-ettes, I am hurtling home in good time for tonight’s show, courtesy of Mr Jetstar.

I am sourcing a canoe as a back up.



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