The Full Catastrophe – 26th February 2011

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Hosted & Posted by Andy “On My Holidays” Bell

 Words are but wind that do from men proceed;
    None but Chamelions on bare Air can feed;
    Great men large hopeful promises may utter;
    But words did never Fish or Parsnips butter.

A day like no other ending with edition #146 of TFC.

It started with me opening my eyes in Hobart and feasting on the vista of the River Derwent, Mount Wellington and the city from the lounge of a friend’s place.

From there, after three cups of tea, it was off to Salamanca and the incomparable Machine Laundry Cafe via a couple of second hand book purchases.

Then it was on the plane and back to Melbourne with my visiting brother in tow.

And while TFC was on the air and online, he was re-living one of the favourite films of his youth at the Astor, Lawrence of Arabia.

I was left to do the show which started with some archival naughtiness!


Music Hall Fanfare – BBC Revue Orchestra (from “Music Hall on the BBC National Programme)

I Fell Lucky – Pat Benatar

Heaven Sent –  The Mavis’s

Kon-Tiki – The Shadows

Step By Step – Jesse Winchester

Careless Hands – Mel Torme

Postman’s Knock – Spike Milligan

Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk – Rufus Wainwright

See the Fabulous Five for more on this!!!!

One for my great friend Benson from Christchurch.  We saw RW together at the Basement in Sydney.  Some musical soul for Benson and all my kiwi friends. And if you fancy doing something for the good people of ChCh, have a look here

Work With Me Annie – The Mignighters

Shortnin’ Bread Rock – Tony Crombie & The Rockets

Leaving Home – Coldcut

It’s Today – Jane Morgan

Bald Headed Men – Christine Lavin

Stampeding Stilletos – Mika

Heaven Sent – Killing Heidi

Sister – Sergio & The Ladies 

Falling In Love Again – Bryan Ferry

Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tanner’s Virus

Flame Trees – Sarah Blasko

Easy Living – Rosemary Clooney

Shangri-La – Robert Maxwell

As heard and seen on “Mad Men”.

Crabbuckit – K-Os

Adieu England – Trembling Bells 


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