The Full “Not For Broadcast” Catastrophe

In Uncategorized on March 5, 2011 at 9:57 am

Posted by Andy Bell

The blog has been a little quiet, that’s due to my flitting around the place to show off Victoria & Tassie to my visiting brother.

The Apple Isle was fabby, Ballarat was swell, Melbourne was (and is) magnificent.

To ensure that my flesh and blood’s visit wasn’t unmitigated joy, I made him sit through THREE Question Times from the House of Representatives !

His view is that Tony Abbott is a “wide boy” and Julia Gillard is “a bit boring”.

Moving right along, with Mardi Gras kicking up its heels TFC takes a break from the airwaves. 

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean a lack of musical bits, pieces & shrapnel.

So onto some of the finest clips I could find on YouTube for a mini-edition of TFC.


I was going hold this one back until next week, but it is such a beauty I couldn’t hold myself back.  (Not for the first time). 

You probably know Sid James from the “Carry On” films.  Well, he also appeared in a number of musicals before launching an assault on the pop charts.  This song is from the early 60s and I used to play it over & over & over.  I won’t add anything to that.

Let’s stay nasal.  Barbra Streisand has one of the most famous schnozes in the business.  Here is Babs doing a medley of songs from two very different parts of the musical theatre pantheon.

Now to the host of the nose – the head.  Talking Heads look ridiculously young in this clip from the classic BBC show “The Old Grey Whistle Test“.

We have a theme going here – can I keep it up ??!!  It’s a body thing.

So we’d better get to some of the naughty bits.  The “Fast Show” covers some of the bases … oo err.

Phew, that could have been a lot worse.

Now to two of the best sets of legs ever seen on celluloid.

Fred Astaire who’s seen here out of his usual white tie & tails and Cyd Charisse whose legs were simply amazing.

Now to the end of the arms and a very sweet song, which will compensate for the boring nature of the “clip”.  Just concentrate on the words and I challenge you NOT to smirk, smile or laugh.

I’ll finish up with a celebration of Jane Russell who departed us this week.  Yes, it’s back to the naughty bits.  She had a chest of epic proportions, indeed the “Underwire Bra” was created for her. Here she is in full flow AND channelling Marilyn Monroe !

TFC will be back on air and online on Saturday March 12th, so have a good week till next week!


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