The Full Catastrophe – 19th March 2011

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Hosted & Posted by Andy Bell

This is and was program # 148.  Well, golly-gosh-gee-willikers and other colourful expressions of disbelief.

All things being equal, the day after April Fools’ Day will be #150 and that will suit me fine !

But I don’t think TFC will be following the example of a UK radio network and celebrate the milestone with two days and more of non-stop wireless silliness.


Those DJ Shows – Patrice Holloway

Ack-ack Beer-beer – Royal Artillery Theatre Orchestra

Under The Moon Of Love – Showaddywaddy

Sweet Dreams – Judy Collins

A John Bucchino song of  poignance with a quality lyric.

“He left a man in New York City
She broke a home in New Orleans
They made their way to California
Sweet dreams, children, sweet dreams

They hit it off in a Greyhound station
When she kicked the cigarette machine
And woke him up hard from his nap beside it
Woke him up hard from his sweet dreams

He talked about his suggar daddies
She talked about her mean Marine
The settled down in seats adjoining
Sharing sweet dreams, sweet dreams

Well there’s no man to sell your heart to
When you’re dancin’ across the TV screens
No husband to beat you when you’re in the movies
Just sweet dreams, children, sweet dreams

Run away to another skin
A tough one, a pretty one
That won’t let the badness in

Now he’s keepin’ house for a big producer
Who pays for the classes and the limousines
And she’s in a bar, passed out on whiskey
Dreaming sweet dreams, still dreaming sweet dreams

Run away to another skin
A tough one, a pretty one
That won’t let the sadness in
Won’t let the madness in

There is a sidewalk in California
Where they put the stars right at your feet
And people delight in stepping on them..”

No More – Mandy Patinkin

You may remember Mandy from “Chicago Hope” or you may know hime from musical threatre.  He can be somewhat histrionic at times, this track finds him more reflective in a song from “Into The Woods“.

Balada Para Un Loco – Quartango

Udadewetha – Shiyani Ngcubo

Miss Otis Regrets – Bette Midler

Be My Baby – The Ronettes

O Heavenly Salvation – The Persuasions

You’ve Got It Bad Girl – Stevie Wonder

Don’t Wanna Be A Nutcase – Vika & Linda

The Road To Mandalay – Robbie Williams

From “Sing When You’re Winning”.

Miracle Of Nature – Snout

Ridin’ On The Moon – The Skylarks

Tired Of  Toein’ The Line – Rocky Burnette

Did I Remember – Billie Holiday

Across The Universe – Phosphorescent

The Highest Heights – Lovebugs

What Is Wrong With Grooving – Letta Mbulu

You Just Have To Be There – M People

  1. Moylesy and Dave probably had a megalurgie *after* their marathon stint. They had Ferne Cotton in a bikini in the studio (in London on March!) – who’s stripping to their budgies in TFC’s studio???

    • Last year a certain presenter revealled his torso as part of the Radiothon … it garnered ONE extra member for Joy!

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