The Full “Sesquicentennial” Catastophe – 2nd April 2011

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Hosted & posted by Andy “Ring My” Bell

150 programs.

301 hours (there was ONE 3 hour edition) of tunes & prattle.

The word fabulous used 18,254 times.

Listeners putting me right.

The Full Catastrophe celebrates this week, but there again it tries to celebrate every week !

Thanks are due to those who have helped along the way: Joysters, listeners &, in particular Tim Harrison.

Tim’s presence was a key factor in keeping this old warhorse going after TFC cracked the ton !

Now on with the show.  The playlist was a combo of the music played on programs 1, 50 & 100 with some newbies thrown in (or should that be placed carefully) for good measure.


Ring My Bell – Anita Ward

The first track played back in March 2008.

Here We Go Again – Michelle Mahood

Cowboys Are Frequrently, Secretly Fond Of Each Other  – Pansy Division

The Best Is Yet To Come – Mabel Mercer

“Mabel Mercer taught me everything I know,” said Frank Sinatra. She was a singer without peer, a storyteller to her finger tips.  And she got better as she got older. Divine.

Here Comes The Sun – Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Youth Chorus

Only A Rose – Geraint Watkins

One of the discoveries along the way.  Love Carefully – Frank Bennett

Cuddle Me – Dennis Lotis

The Wheel Of Life – Loka Nunda

A great song by a great mate. and one our community’s significant creative spirits.

Lucky To Be Me – Blossom Dearie

Laisse Tomber Les Filles/Chick Habit – April March

Enter Me – Tori Spelling

From the great date movie “Trick“.

The Joint Is Jumping – George Melly

I’m So Worried – Terry Jones

Fairytale – Alexander Rybak

Adored & Explored – Marc Almond

The Day Is Short – Jearlyn Steele

American Pie –  Don McLean

You’re Just In Love – Ethel Merman & Dick Haymes

Was It Worth It – Pet Shop Boys

Make Your Own Kind Of Music – Mamas & Papas


And a sesqui-special extra thingo.  A movie clip that transcends fabulous !


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