Make music not war – E-11

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Posted by Andy “Te Deum” Bell

Le Grand-Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne 2011 is almost upon us.

It is a time to celebrate one of the great creations of the telly.

We shouldn’t get bogged down in the ESC’s history, its past glory as a camp icon or its current incarnation of a top-notch reality show.

The reason the ESC has lasted so long is its ability to re-invent itself with the help of technological change.

A program that started as a wonder of the age, linking countries around a still war scarred Europe, continues to harness the latest wizz-bangery.

And then there is its unerring ability to come up with the musical good, the bad and the ugly.

In 2011 there are  43 songs entered, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep that tradition going.

The signs are promising with titles such as “Boom Boom” (Armenia), “Ding Dong” (Israel) & “New Tomorrow” (Denmark) and the long awaited return of Eurovision powerhouse Italy.

My juices are already flowing in so many ways.

To get in the mood, here’s my own one size fits all ESC lyric.  Add final manic dance routines, costume mistakes & final chord explosions of tinsel as you see fit.

Baby, baby we’re gonna be OK

We’ve been together

All through these years.

We’ve had some good times

And also some tears.

So let’s be positive

We’ve gotta live.

Let’s make this the night

It’s gonna be all right.

Baby, baby we’re gonna be OK

Baby, baby this our special day.

Baby, baby we’ve won the fight

Baby, baby we’re gonna be all right.

Or as it was in the original Polish:

Baby, baby mamy zamiar być OK

Jesteśmy razem już

Wszystko przez te lata.

Mieliśmy kilka dobrych czasów

A także łzy.

Warto więc być pozytywne

I tak musimy żyć.

Zróbmy z tego w nocy

To goona będzie.

Baby, baby mamy zamiar być OK

Baby, baby to nasz szczególny dzień.

Baby, baby wygraliśmy walkę

Baby, baby zrobimy wszystko będzie dobrze.

  1. This year will be memorable……. I just hope it’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.

    Will Dana sing out of key?…. (probably)
    Will the UK award Ireland 12 in the final?…. (sadly, yes).
    Will France and the UK battle for the top spot? … (I hope so).

    What a year it will be.

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