The TwitterESC – E-11

In Uncategorized on May 11, 2011 at 1:17 pm

One day the entire knowledge of human kind will be condensed to a single syllable – wise and completely stupid at one and the same time.

And on hearing that syllable we will then return to the primordial slime –  with a short stop on the way back at IKEA.

If you think that’s an extreme position, consider this.

The Eurovision Song Contest can now be quaffed and spat out (much in the way of a wine taster) in less time than it takes to get a medium size Meat Lovers delivered.

Give me 21 minutes and I will give you Europe in all its glory.

And, this will surprise many, I totally agree with this approach. 

If an ESC song doesn’t grab you by the short and curlies inside ten seconds then it is headed for the EBU Garbage Tip (Prop. Sir T. Wogan).

That has been true since 1956 and no end of camera-crane shots, exploding drum kits and bad hair will ever change that.

Viva Eurovision.

And – drum roll  – here’s my fave for 2011 is …

It’s retro, it’s clever, it’s sexy … it’s Belgian.

For more malarky on the ESC have a look here and a bit of a gander here.


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