Stefan, Anke, und Judith – E-11

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The role of presenting the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 is in the hands of a troika.

Stefan RaabAnke Engelke, and Judith Rakers  are in charge  in Düsseldorf.

My fear is that three might be something of a crowd.  Two have been enough of a problem in the past. 

Embarrassed silences, mutual hatred, one stomping over the words of the other and all that jazz.

I really hope the roles of the trio are clear-cut, but as two of the three are described in Wikipedia as “comedians” I fear the worst.

Eurovision does NOT need any deliberate humour.

Its glory days of comedy & campery were the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

Since then those departments have tended towards the try hard. 

So if Anke, Judith & Stefan are reading here is a lesson in ESC 101 from high priestess of Eurovision presenters.

Here is Katie Boyle (4 time presenter) at the 1974 shindig where ABBA change the ESC world forever.

And don’t forget “The Full Catastrophe” broadcasts and webcasts its 4th annual ESC show on Saturday night at 2100 AET AND don’t forget the various blog bits, Eurovision Gold, The ESC Fabulous 5 & ESC Heaven.

And on Sunday night Joy has its own very special Eurovison celebration.

Tune in, turn up and let the love be shared.

  1. Belgium were cruelly thrown out of the semis – but so too were Latvia – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aN83DUSChM – instead we get Jedward from Ireland – lots of shimmery red, hairjel – i the true Eurvision mad category, but music?????

    • I have just seen the travesty.
      I could say something … but I won’t.
      This is not a good sign….slowly they (Jedward) they made their plans against us

  2. […] This time last year I opined about the task and now it is time again ! […]

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