The Full “Eurovision” Catapstrophe #4 – May 14th 2011

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It’s time for singing,
It’s time for moving, It’s time to begin,
Yes It’s time It’s time for Europe,
It’s time for moving, It’s time for proving,
Yes It’s time

(Adapted from 1972 ALP Election campaign for all the right reasons)

It was the night before the ESC and TFC was there to celebrate the nuttiness and glory of all kinds of Eurovision.

As ever it wasn’t a preview or a history, it was simply two hours of Euro-bliss.


Te Deum – Eurogrooves

If ever you wondered, Te Deum is the theme music played before European Broadcasting Union events such as Eurovision. It was composed by Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

Hero – Charlotte Perreli (Sweden 2008 18th)

Satellite – Lena (Germany 2010 1st)

The reason why this year’s event is in Düsseldorf, the capital city of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.  Who can argue with 30 million-plus YouTube viewings !

Heute Abend Wollen Wir Tanzen Geh’n – Kessler Sisters (Germany 1959 8th)

Non Ho L’Eta – Gigliona Cinquetti (Italy 1964 1st)

After 13 years having a bit of a sulk, one of the Eurovision powerhouses is back and this was one of its two winners.

Irelande Douze Point – Dustin The Turkey (Ireland 2008 15th in SF DNQ)

Another ESC top gun. But this was one of Ireland’s weirdest entries.  Perhaps they were sulking as well.

Diva – Dana International (Israel 1998 1st)

Another returnee. Dana International AKA דנה אינטרנשיונל  won with this song at Birmingham in 1998 for Israel and for transgender, lesbian, gay & queer people all over the world..  What an ESC legend and very close to our hearts at Joy. 

The 1969 tie fiasco

There was a four way tie in 1969. There was pandemonium at the end and total confusion.   But all four songs are, in their very different ways, representative of Eurovision.

Boom Bang-A-Bang – Lulu (UK)

De Troubadoor – Lenny Kuhr (NL)

Vivo Cantandao – Salome (ESP)

Un Jour, Un Enfant – Frida Boccara (FRA)

A strange and unforgettable night which had one ten year hooked from start to finish … even though it was way past his bed time.

Eurovision Song – Marty Feldman (Nowhere at all)

Always – Aysel & Arash (Azerbaijan 2009 3rd)

Tipi Tii – Marion Rung (Finland 1962 7th)

Voi Voi – Nora Brockstedt (Norway 1960 4th)

Voi Voi – Superstars

Voi Voi – Oslo Fagottkor

Lapponia – Monica Aspelund (Finland 1977 10th)

Super Extra Wonder Shop – Nina (Finland – last in the Finnish National Song Contest!)

The annual playing of the worst song EVER entered for the ESC.  It came stone cold motherless last in the Finnish song contest in 1973 and is oddly addictive … after the first 40 or 60 hearings. If you want to see (and aurally delight in) the rest of that amazing YLE televised comp go here at your peril!

Tu Tu Reconnaitras – Anne Marie Davie (Luxembourg 1973 1st)

And this is the power ballad against which the Finns wisely decided not to send Nina and her mates to compete against. 

Rock Me – Riva (Yugoslavia 1989 1st)

It’s Just A Game – The Bendik Singers (Norway 1973 7th)

Save All Your Kisses For Me – Brotherhood Of Man (UK 1976 1st)

Dansevise – Grethe & Jorgen Ingman (Denmark 1963 1st)

My Number One – Helena Paraizou (Greece 2005 1st)


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