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Posted by Andy “La La La La” Bell

Some left over business from Düsseldorf – BTW I hope purists admire my umlauts.

Despite some mixed reviews for the winning song from Azerbaijan, it appears the public voted with their remotes, iPads & other gizmos and embraced ESC 2011  with elan, panache and other colourful continental expressions.

For example, this news report from the beating heart of Eurovision success has come to my attention:

“Azerbaijani duet’s victory at 56th European Song contest Eurovision 2011 has resulted in a burst of interest to the country in world search systems.

Today in the Parliament of Azerbaijan its speaker Ogtay Asadov has reported that only in the last two days the number of Internet users making requests for word ” Azerbaijan” in search systems made 80 million people.

“Speakers of eight countries’ Parliaments congratulated us on victory at Eurovision and this is all Azerbaijani people’s victory “,- Asadov said.

In his turn Executive secretary of Ruling Party Yeni Azerbaijan (YAP) Ali Ahmedov said that Azerbaijani duet’s victory at Eurovision has brought success not only to the performers themselves but made the country they represented more famous.

Azerbaijan’s victory demonstrated one reality, namely that in a number of cases ordinary Europeans can be more objective than European officials”,- A. Ahmedov said.”

You can’t say fairer than that.  In fact, the story makes more sense than the Georgian entry.

On the ratings front, this year’s contest was a ripper.

Despite all the usual flim-flam about “a worldwide audience in excess of 150 kazillion people” the actual audience figures were very healthy.

The show peaked at 12.7million on BBC, that’s  the contest’s biggest UK audience in more than a decade.

And the Jedward effect in Ireland saw public broadcaster RTE attracting an average of 1,174,300 viewers through the Contest – the highest viewing figure since the 1997 Contest.  Even more impressively, 71%  of Irish 15 to 24-year-olds watched the program – “the highest audience share for this age group of any programme on any channel in Ireland since 2002,” quoth RTE.

And to put the tin lid on the whole thing, Time Magazine has waxed lyrical about the whole rigmarole.

And with that, these proceedings are closed.



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