Allo Allo, what’s this then?

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2011 at 10:44 am

Posted by Tim “where the bollocks have YOU been” Harrison

Let me begin: rumours of my untimely demise/death/alien abduction have been greatly exaggerated… I am indeed (at last check) alive and well.

So the obvious question is, where the heck have I been and why have I not added my own brand of frippery to TFC?

Well… um… no excuse really, other than life changing a fair bit since I was in the studio with my cohort and highly esteemed counterpart Andy Bell.  That and I spend very little time in front of a computer these days..  I have, however, been quite busy with various projects around the country estate and with work.  (Hey, pulling beers in a country pub is hard work – don’t believe me?  You’re right, it IS pretty easy…)

However distant I have been from the computer and Life As We Know (knew?) It, I definitely still live the TFC motto [Andy: what is it again??] and have one ear always to the ground for any musical fabulousness (hey, it’s been a while, I’m allowed the F word).

Being in a country pub, we get to host some local musical talent on occasion, and one recent addition to our troupe has my undivided ear.  I speak of a young lady and her offsiders going by her name of Shelby Jones.  Now, she’s just a young ‘un and we all know my/our panache for all things olde, but Shelby’s something to keep an eye on.  Her vocals are honest and her music is personal.  Have a listen to one of her tracks here and decide for yourself.  She’s just starting, but I reckon she’s got a great future ahead of her.

As for Other Stuff, Andy and I are in constant communication via the bush telegraph (aka SMS, email etc) and are still planning a return to TFC duality.

And on the the note of duality, and this is something Andy is not yet aware of, I may just have figured out a way for me to plonk myself back in the studio on the odd Saturday night to once again dualinate the TFC-ness once more.

But that’s something you’ll have to wait and see about now won’t you…?

  1. The motto is: Nemo scit lusisti malum hoc (Nobody knows you’ve played the wrong thing)
    As for this technology thing….has anyone seen my morse code book?

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