Wireless ways

In Uncategorized on May 31, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Posted by Andy “Knobs” Bell

I never cease to be amazed by what does (and doesn’t) attract reaction from listeners during the weekly two hours of TFC shenanigans.

It is often a chance remark that gets the SMS and email humming.

In the recent past Benin, Lucille Ball and Tubby the Tuba have sparked insightful and funny comments.

Bless all those wearing cotton socks with their ears open !

Which is a slyboots way of sidling up to you all and rattling the tin.

It’s Radiothon time and we need TFC devotees to play their part. 

Renew your membership if you are a member OR become a member for the first time.

Click on the link and explore the Joy website for details of the moolah requirements.

EVERY member counts and contributes to keeping Joy on air.  AND they are in the never-ending swirl of giveaways and such like.

So whether you listen in the kitchen in Fitzroy or on the patio in Toronto please play your part.

There’s nothing quite like the house of  Joy anywhere.  

 Andy and Adrian, Rainbow Report, A Touch Of Pink and all the rest co-habit 94.9 and www.joy.org.au.

The Full Catastrophe is the cardigan wearing tenant in the attic who keeps odd hours. 

Keep our house in order and flourishing.

Tune in and contribute during Radiothon, tell all your friends and be part of the Joy love in !


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