Confessions of a tin rattler

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Two solid hours of spruiking on “The Full Catastrophe” was rewarded with a goodly number of folk signing up to be members of the Joy family.

I trust my rendition of the TFC Radiothon song spurred their efforts … it was, um, different.

Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

Poofs and dykes and other types come on the air so devil may care

With thing you won’t hear elsewhere on the wireless

Things so good you’ll never switch the set off

Things so fine from dusk to dawn … you’re never yawn-ing

Various queers are always here with copious cheer they’re never drear

In fact they’re always constantly fabby

Top to tail and sideways you’ll be gladdy

All on Joy will keep you listening in

For those wondering about the tune, here it is and it’s called “In A Party Mood”.

It was used for a BBC show in the 50s & 60s called “Housewives Choice“.  Seriously.

Again muchos gracias, diolch yn fawr and ta  ever so for your wallet emptying behaviour.

It all helps to keep programs like TFC on the air and online.

Onya one and all.

And many thanks to the phone room team – couldn’t do it without you.

For those who missed out there is still time to jump on board and to be eligible for some mega prizes.

Just lift the phone and do the necessary:

1300 JOY 949

1300 569 949


+61 3 9267 6000

And when you do phone in tell the lovely lads and lasses that you think “TFC” is like a breath of fresh air – it gets up everybody’s nose.

Boom tish.


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