The other side of the lollipop

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 at 2:56 pm

After doing the money pestering from the presenter’s chair on Saturday I had the good fortune to be on the phones today as part of the Radiothon.

It was truly delightful to speak to those re-signing and those signing for the first time. They raised the receiver (as we used to say in the last century) and dialled 1300 569 949 (+61 3 9267 6000 for international listeners ONLY).

More than one caller told me that they couldn’t imagine life without Joy 94.9 and were more than willing to brandish the plastic to help keep the station on air and online.

We are supremely fortunate that a bunch of people had the get up and go almost two decades ago to get cracking with the idea of a gay & lesbian radio station for the city of Melbourne.

I am sure even the most enthusiastic of that pioneering crew couldn’t have imagined that men and women would be joining Joy from all four corners of Australia AND the planet.

Thanks to all those who phoned in this day and every day of  the Radiothon.

And if you haven’t dug in yet, get shovelling (financially speaking) and to tempt you have a look at the prizes on offer.

And, as ever, a little gift to members new, members renewed, members to be.

The hearting starts at 33 seconds !!


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