The Full “Dirty Raincoat” Catastrophe 25th June 2011

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Hosted & posted by Andy ” Just one more thing” Bell

Tonight’s show was dedicated to the memory of Peter Falk.  He was a notable detective in a dirty raincoat and much more.

A notable actor.

Here’s PF in a Bogartesque role in the splendid silly “Murder By Death”.

In other TFC brouhaha, here’s the Susan Sontag essay on Camp.  Have a look, leave a comment!


Intervention – Arcade Fire

Voulez Vous – Erasure

Love Is – Alma Cogan

A popular British songstress on the 1950s & 60s AND a particular favourite of my mum.  Very wholesome.

Bloodshot Eyes – Pat Benatar

Waters Of March – David Campbell 

Need To Belong – Laura Lee

Beep Beep – The Playmates

This was a regular platter on the radio of my childhood.  It gets madder & madder – love it !  In the version played on the show uses a “Nash Rambler“, to young listeners in the UK the song mentioned a “Bubble Car“.  Make your mind up from the pics which is the funniest …



Bugle Boy March – Chris Tanner’s Virus

 What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin

C’est Si Bon – Stan Freberg

Open Up Them Pearly Gates – The Seekers

 Just A Gigolo – Louis Prima Orchestra

Driving In My Car – Madness

Coax Me A Little – Dinah Shore

Something of a dykon, Dinah Shore was a BIG star.


Monsters – Something For Kate

I Hope You’re Comin’ Back To New Orleans – New Orleans Jazz Vipers

With Love Baby – Witloof Bay

In The Mood – Ernie Fields Orchestra

That Old Feeling – Rosemary Clooney

Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again – Cornershop


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