All that is old is new

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2011 at 10:22 am

This, dear readers, is the 349th entry (oo err) on this blog since it began on a day I can’t quite recall.

What memories, what tpyig6i errrrers.

What began as a means of extending the reach of a certain radio program, beyond those whose Saturday nights wouldn’t be complete without a rambling reminiscence or nine about 1950s British female vocalists who never competed in the Eurovision Song Contest because of minor skin complaints, is stretching its wings even wider.


Well, as I personfully get to grips with my brand spanking new PC I can can cheerfully announce that the TFC blog output is set to soar.

Part of the multi-function KPI input system established by a wide ranging panel of inexperts will be a re-visiting of some of the – this isn’t meant to sound poncy – original writing that I’ve done over TFC’s 3 and a bit years.

It won’t be just a cut and paste job, I will have a look at entries for “Andy Bell’s cranky as hell”, “Why they are grumpy” and such like.

So stand by for some observations of the human condition, public transport, the latest fashions (AKA what we were wearing in 1975) and the Western Bulldogs/South Sydney/Fleetwood Town/Swansea City/North Balwyn Thunderballs.

Gagging for it ?


To keep you eager:


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