Am I the only one ?

In Uncategorized on June 29, 2011 at 9:03 am

This one’s personal.

Very personal.

As the eagle-eyed amongst you may have gleaned from recent blogs and on-air mumblings, I have a brand new PC with which to grapple.

It’s shiny, grey – cobalt splash I think – and it’s called Huwcyn Peredur AKA HP.

Now, I am not about to launch a whingethon about how installing it was the equivalent of wading knee deep through black treacle & how operating Huwcyn Peredur is similar to wrangling a very difficult child.

Suffice to say yours truly, who is far from being the twistiest screwdriver in the toolbox, managed to get HP up and running AND – drum roll, applause and marshmallows for all – get the wireless broadband doover whacky  blinking blue and red.

“Well done my son.”

But there was something gnawing at me as I relaxed and admire my IT handiwork

So what’s the beef?

It’s the language of the computer world, it’s the user friendliness of the start-up programs, it’s the why oh why oh why-ness of it all.

There you are sailing through the set-up and clicking on “OK” etc., then all of a sudden a boxy thing pops up.

“If you are considering mandating the elevated plug-in capability of the thread able core qualities of this PC click OK.  Failure to do so could result in catastrophic loss of gammonability and throgbottley file crescendos.”

Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but you know what I am getting at.

Why is this so?

Or, in an attempt to ward off allegations of technophobia, why can’t installation come by means of embedded video/audio tutorials or through a dvd/cd that comes in the box?

Or are people like me doomed to feel technologically incompetent so that the kings & queens of geekery can rule over us?

Now, how do I cut & paste this without bringing down the  whole edifice?

  1. Sorry, couldn’t help playing a journo’s worst nightmare. You’re right, it can become complicated & it doesn’t need to be. Although, on the other hand, and not meaning to be rude, while they’ll always be ludites, younger & future generations – so called digital natives – will via exposure & early adoption, be much more at ease with these processes. Wishing you hadn’t asked now, right? 😛

    • Tim, it all reminded me of my dad & brother dismantling something car related on the kitchen table abou 14 minutes before the grey cabbage was ready!!! The other problem is that men can take orders and/or instructions!!!!!

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