The Full Catastrophe – 16th July 2011

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Hosted & posted by Andy “He’s Off Again” Bell

The deep midwinter, so the music must  be hot, hot, hot.  From a controversial first track to an outrageously inappropriate piece of music for “Sports Results With Totally Inappropriate Music” it was a roaring fire of TFC-ity.

And then there’s launch of our “VisageLivre”/”GwynebLlyfr” outlet: TFC Radom Tunes on Facebook.


Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson

The name is meant to shock and the attitude is also part of the brand ! This correspondent believes Soft Cell‘s version got the tone right.  Subtle rather than shocking.

Magazine Lady – John Koerner & Willie Murphy

Beautiful Trash – Lanu & Megan Washington

Lawdy Miss Clawdy – Elvis Presley

Real Men – Joe Jackson

A striking song which struck many chords when it was released “way back when” aka THIRTY years ago.

See the nice boys
Dancing in pairs
Golden earring, golden tan
Blow-wave in the hair
Sure they’re all straight
Straight as a line
All the guys are macho
See their leather shine

You don’t want to sound dumb
Don’t want to offend
So don’t call me a faggot
Not unless you are a friend
Then if you’re tall, handsome and strong
You can wear the uniform and I could play along

That Look In Your Eye – Ali Campbell

Can You Dig It – The Mock Turtles

Just One Of Those Things – Lena Horne

Oran Na Cloiche – Mànran

Hurdy Gurdy – Ronnie Barker

A splendid song from a comedic master,  From Ronnie Barker’s 1970s radio show “Lines From My Grandfather’s Forehead

Way Down In The Hole – Domaje

My Christmas Wish – Jason Graae

Let’s Do It – Eartha Kitt

With a Ms Kitt-esque offering at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, I thought the real macoy would be worth a go!

Undecided – Dave Brubeck

Undecided – Duck Musique

Arrival Of Isla & Victor – Casablanca (Soundtrack)

Claude Reins was very much the unsung hero/star of  movie classic “Casablanca“. This scene featured the memorable quote “Rick is the kind of a man who, if I were a women, I would fall in love with” or something like that!

Snatch It Or Grab It – Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends

I merely played the CD.

Certain People I Know – Morrissey

On A Wonderful Day – Bob Downe

Handyman – Colin Buchanan

Louie, Louie – The Kingsmen

Moonlight Feels Right – Starbuck

Hungry – Kosheen


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