Blind love, blind hate

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2011 at 5:07 pm

I love a bikky.

Be it a Hob Nob, Squiggle or Mint Slice, I will scarf it before you can say Peek Frean.

And one of my secret and closeted pleasures is the Venetian.

A base of shortcakey proportions topped with a generous dollop of icing with a couple of currents plonked in for good measure.

These are Venetians I love.

Yum yum.

However, there are other venetians.

Having spent an hour or so cleaning my bedroom blinds this AM I beg to ask this question.

What the bloody hell are they useful for apart from collecting dust and disconcerting gunk ?

Yes, I know they block light when necessary, but aren’t curtains even better ? And you can always paint windows black if needs be.

Yes, I know they can allow light in, but isn’t keeping curtains open another way to go ? Either than or have no windows at all.

I do not dislike venetian blinds, I detest them.

They are a blot on the landscape and a pest that us renters have to deal with.

And a cuppa and a couple of Venetians won’t  get my dander down.

Unless anyone has some cleaning tips …

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