The Full “Cold & Stormy Night” Catastrophe 6th August 2011

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Hosted & Posted by Andy “Rugged Up” Bell

This week the show included a unique version of a much loved standard and Cerys Matthews singing in her own language to mark the week of the National Eisteddfod of Wales.

And talking of the Celts, the show began with a quote of Samuel Beckett which was used by David Norris, who this week pulled out of the race for the Irish presidency.

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.  Try again. Fail again. Fail better”.

The out gay man and human rights activist was the front runner in the race but events from his past were his undoing.

In his statement of withdrawal from the campaign was elegent, measured &, frankly, remarkable.

The fallout continues, but there can be no doubting his admirable track record.


Get Ready – Temptations

Sunlight – Bag Raiders

The Auctioneer -Leroy van Dyke

Britain Is A Car Park – Eliza Carthy

We Shall All Be Free – Weather Girls

Free, Single & Disengaged – Huey Smith & His Clowns

Help Yourself – Tom Jones

An early hit for Tom Jones.  The clip is from 1969 and is a little … camp.

Arglwydd Dyma Fi – Cerys Matthews

CM sings one of the great Welsh hymns. But it is actually from the USA, but those Cymry took the tune and turned it into Gwahoddiad

Kokettier’ Nicht Mit Mir – Gotz Alsmann & Annett Louisan


All I Need Is The Boy – Annie Ross

I’m Beginning To See The Light – Bobby Darin

I’m Beginning To See The Light – Darlene Edwards

Darlene was actually the successful singing star Jo Stafford’s alter ego. What started as a party trick with her hubby eventually turned into a lucrative sideline. 

Aussie Alison Jiear is a fan of Darlene and keeps the art of funny bad singing alive and well.  It is NOT as easy as it sounds.

Right Here, Right Now – Jesus Jones

“A” You’re Adorable – Perry Como

No Rain –Blind Melon

I Love To Ride – Paula Watson

That’s Love That Is – Blancmange

Conga – Brooke Shields

All God’s Children – Thelma Buckner

Everything – Jehro

Disco Queen – Hot Chocolate


And this weeks blog only special.  Click on the  Radio Times link below and disacover an absolute gem from NZ.  The legendary Billy T James in a TV show all about the wireless.

Radio Times” is a belter, beyond even choice.


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