The aisles have it

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2011 at 12:46 pm

There is a new tribe at large in our community and I, for one, am not keen.

The aisle sitters.

They are a blot on the public transport landscape and something must be done.

They sit on trams & trains (but rarely buses) on the aisle seat, not by the window.

Apparently the view isn’t good enough.

While the window seat is prized on an aircraft – nine hours of clouds is really interesting – this mob can do without it.

And when some poor soul tries to negotiate his or her way past an aisle sitter to the spare seat there is hell to pay.

Trying to plonk yourself by the window becomes a game of human chess involving carrier bags, digital devices and screaming children.

The tut-tutting is deafening and the pained looks could pierce armour plating.

And if anyone questions the aisle sitter, he or she replies that they’re getting off soon – somewhere between 3 and 27 stops away.

Forget the fare evasion squad, it’s time to set up a crack squad to swoop on these people.

On top of that we need a comprehensive government enquiry and an online counselling service for recovering aisle sitters.

Some low key good behaviour wouldn’t go amiss.

Adapted from an episode of “Andy Bell’s cranky as hell” broadcast on the Full Catastrophe.





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