The Full Catastrophe 3rd September 2011

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Hosted & posted by Andy “Home & Away” Bell

Tonight’s show brought to you by “Llwyth” – which can mean tribe (sorta kinda) as well as a load … as in a “load of rubbish” or …


Anyhoo, it’s the title of a Welsh language show featuring the ups and downs of gay life that will be playing at the Edinburgh Festival.  As one reviewer put it: ” it has more climaxes than the average porn movie”.

Have a look … it has subtitles… or read all about it.

Nawr, dyma’r rhaglen …


Everybody Have Fun Tonight –Wang Chung

Not their hit (“Dance Hall Days“) but another bit of Wang Chungery.

I Say A Little Prayer – David Michael Johnson

Follia D’Amore /Madness Of Love – Raphael Gualazzi

It’s time to get back on the Eurovision horse. This came second in Düsseldorf  at this year’s ESC.  The clip has the version that is almost totally in Italian – far superior to the bilingual mish mash in the contest itself.

Party Doll – Bobby Knox

Gay White Way – Rita Hayworth

Who could resist this song from the 1942 movie “My Gal Sal” ?

Sister Madly – Crowded House

Virgin Mountain –Peter von Poehl

Mama Help Me – Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

Colonel Bogey – National Band Of New Zealand

And The Same To You – Dudley Moore

Now That We Have Found Love – Heavy D & The Boyz

Kad Si Bala Male Mare – Eurocantica

Kicks – Jolie Jenkins, Audrey Kinnear & Lynnette Perks

Tenderly – Whirimako Black

This Is The One – The Stone Roses

La Di DahJake Thackray

A truthful take on the vexed issue of love.  Jake Thackray was a one off, a voice that’s unforgetable and a style without peer.

I Love New York – Madonna

Hey Boy ! Hey Girl ! Louis Prima & Keely Smith

Volare – Dean Martin

Another Eurovision song, this one came THIRD in 1958 before becoming the most successful ESC ditty of all time.  Deano’s version was the mega hit, but the orginal  is still the best by a country mile and/or kilometre.

“I think that a dream like that will never return; I painted my hands and my face blue, then was suddenly swept up by the wind and started to fly in the infinite sky.”

Carioca – Monica & The Moochers

Forever – Punk Ninja


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