The Full “Back Together” Catastrophe – 24th September 2011

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Hosted & posted by Andy “Kaloo Kalaay” Bell and Tim “Wandering Boy” Harrison

Dedicated to “carning”: ” This could consist of packing one’s gob with what could be loosely termed ‘meat ‘n pastry’ or gristle and gravy and uttering old tribal chants. The chants are used to urge on one’s preferred warriors, through whom we vicariously live out our dreams of hunting the pig-skin prey. In our case, the tribe of the pie, various blood curdling ‘carns’ incite them to prevail over adversities and emerge from the fray, victorious.”   Thank you Wendy & Yank Boy for the definition and Craig for the question.  Gotta love listeners who listen. 

And thanks to the returning wondering boy Tim Harrison and the Homoerratic Radio Show.

It was the Terquasquicentennial edition.


Right By Your Side – Eurythmics

Rescue Me – Fontella Bass

Sit On My Face – Monty Python

I Feel The Love – Cut Copy

Somebody I Used To Know – Gotye feat. Kimbra

A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins

A Scottish groover who has come back against the odds.

Teacher’s Pet – Doris Day

Ah Doris ! The film had a star studded cast and was known as “Le chou-chou du Professeur” in French !

Rock Lobster – B-52s

Rose’s Turn – Angela Lansbury

One of the great songs on the musical theatre.  It’s a nervous breakdown set to music.  Lansbury’s performance is remarkable and, in my opinion, tops the original Rose Ethel Merman. This clip, despite the poor audio, is even greater than the track as it is of  an actual performance.  Here is a theatrical moment that is beyond description.

Rose’s Turn – Chris Colfer

And then there’s “Glee” re-inventing the thing.

Down, Down – Status Quo

Tell Him – The Exciters

The Touch Of The Master’s Hand – Tex Ritter

My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes – George Melly

With Or Without You – Frank Bennett

Rolling in the Deep – Adele

Losing My Religion – R.E.M

A tribute to the recently departed.

Walking To Missouri – Tony Brent

Careless Love – Ute Lemper

Don’t You Want Me – Alcazar


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