All together now

In Uncategorized on September 28, 2011 at 1:43 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

It was simply bonza, splendid and choice to spend to spend two hours with Tim in the Full Catastrophe studio on Saturday night.

The old codger hadn’t lost his magic … and I did pretty well too.

It’s no surprise that having another soul involved means the show takes on a very differet character.

Flights of fancy get off the ground with remarkable frequency and there is lots more snorting, guffawing and general falling off chairs.

Not only did Tim help me see off the fourth season of “Sports Result With Totally Inappropriate Music”, he also helped celebrate TFC’s terquasquicentennial AKA 175th show.

As for this coming Saturday it’s another traditional outing dating back all of a couple of years.

It’s the Grand Final TFC with a song for every team as well as the umpires !

There’ll also be a brass band at half time.


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