The Full Catastrophe – 8th October 2011

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell

Brought to you by “Born Brilliant -The Life of Kenneth Williams” and this quote “the sceptic finds refuge in irony, and camp is the JUNIOR version”.

All this sparked by consideration of Susan Sontag’s famed essay on camp.

And by Snuggle Class.

And by listeners like you.

Thank you.


Too Shy – Kajagoogoo

Overture – How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

It’s My Party – Lesley Gore

Ticket To Ride – The Carpenters

Somewhere In The Party – The Inches

Volare – McGuire Sisters

Famously the mist successful Eurovision Song Contest of all time and it didn’t win.  This version by an American close harmony combo came hot on the heels of the 1958 ESC  where Volare (it’s actual title is “Nel blu dipinto di blu” ) was first heard.  Here are the McGuires in full flight with Perry Como.

Volare – Domenico Modugno

And here is the original, the greatest. Brilliant.

I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing –The New Seekers

Keeping the ESC theme going a little longer, the New Seekers represented the UK in 1972.  Their clothers are 70s to the max!

Loveless Love – George Melly

“Love is like a hydrant, it turns off & on”

99 Red Balloons – Goldfinger

What Nationality Is Les Murray – TISM

To mark the start of the A-League season.

Let’s Stick Together – Bryan Ferry

I Like It – Gerry & The Pacemakers

Gerry Marsden was part of the late 50s/early 60s Liverpool sound or “Mersey Sound or Mersey Beat“.  Not nearly as influential as the Beatles though!!!

Suave Nina – Kolly Et Ses Acolytes

Stranded In The Jungle – The Cadets

In Writing – Uncle Monkey

The Look Of You – Don Ameche & Hildegarde Neff

Here’s the Don-ster

And here’s Hildy

Besame Mucho – Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

I’ve Been A Bad, Bad Boy – Paul Jones

I Can Give You The Starlight – Jeremy Northam

Celebration – Kool & The Gang


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