Unsubstantiated fact, not really

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2011 at 11:11 am

For your perusal, a number of vexed questions and the answers to them.

These answers have not been researched and are based on nothing but gut feeling and a large flat white.

I have the makings of a popular columnist.

And so to setting the record as straight as I can:

Q: How many articles about Rove McManus being on the “verge on a US TV deal” can possibly be written ?

A: No such number known to man. 

Q: When will we next hear a reasoned political argument on “Q & A” ?

A: I refer the Honorable Member to my answer concerning Mr McManus.

Q: Where is the worst behaving collection of tram passengers ?

A: A dead-heat between the corner of Swanston & Collins and the corner of Elizabeth & Collins. A training tip: you have to let people OFF the tram before you can get ON the tram.

Q: If numbers on players’ shirts are there to help spectators identify those playing, why is it that at the Rugby World Cup the numbers are getting smaller & smaller ?

A: More room for useful stuff like advertising slogans and/or Tweets.

Q: What is fashion ?

A: No idea but paisley socks & velour are but moments away.  Gina Gee knows all.


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